We provide clothing, gear and equipment for many Television and Motion Picture projects. Some of our credits are listed below.


National Geographic Channels Worldwide

Provided studio props, rigging, various gear, clothing and production equipment.

2006 Interview with Sylvia Earle
Provided 1970’s era wetsuits, dive gear and various boating equipment

2005 ‘Host Segments with Jay Schadler’
Provided Arctic, scuba, mountineering and rigging equipment.

2004 ‘Host Segments with Sylvia Earle’
Provided scuba gear (both historic & modern).

2003 ‘Host Segments with Boyd Matson’
Provided camcorders, expedition, safety, mountineering and rigging equipment. Hung 5 monitors
from various length climbing rope around Boyd Madson (also hung, as if climbing).

2001 ‘Africa Megatransact’
Provided all TV production equipment, clothing, camping, communication and power equipment
for one year expedition across Africa’s Congo Basin.

National Geographic Television

Provided all camera systems (DVCpro, DVCAM, Beta SP, Digital Beta, HD, MiniDV, 16/Super16,
35/Super35 and Super8 film), all lighting, sound, support, communications, speciality or custom
fabricated, camping/expedition gear and clothing.

1996-2003 Crittercam, Biologist/Producer Greg Marshall
2003 Ultimate Explorer
Taboo Death – TV Documentary, Producer Erin Harvey
2003 Inside Mecca – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2002 True Originals – TV Documentary
Hugh Herr – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Reza – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Zahi Hawass – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
2002 Taboo – TV Documentary
Food – Producer Melanie Carlos
Healers – Producer Eleanor Grant
Tattoo – Producer Peter Yost
Voodoo – Producer Peter Yost
Witchcraft – Producer Peter Yost
Marriage – Producer Peter Yost
Drugs – Producer Peter Yost
Evil Spirits – Producer Peter Yost
Sexuality – Producer Peter Yost
Death – Producer Peter Yost
Tests of Faith – Producer Peter Yost
Bloodsports – Producer Peter Yost
Rites of Passage – Producer Peter Yost
2002 Air Force One – TV Documentary, Producer Peter Schnall
2002 In the Shadow of Saddam – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
2002 Into the Great Pyramid – TV Documentary, John Bredar
2002 Snake Wranglers – TV Documentary, Producer Erin Harvey
2002 Lost Subs: Disaster at Sea – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
2001 Africa Extreme – TV Documentary, Producer David Hamlin
2001 Kumbha Mela – TV Documentary, Producer Richard Bedser
2001 Beyond the Movie Pearl Harbor, Producer Kevin Bachar
2001 Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West – IMAX Movie, Producer Lisa Truitt
2001 True Originals – TV Documentary
Adam Ravetch – Producer Patrick Mark
David Alan Harvey – Producer Patrick Mark
Debbie & Stone – Producer Stella Cha
Jesus Rivas – Producer Peter Yost
Karen Davies – Producer Patrick Mark
Latika Rana – Producer Nick Gray
Ronis Da Silveira – Producer David Meyer
Wade Davis – Producer Chichi Pierce
2001 Dinosaur Hunters – TV Documentary, Producer Brian Breger
2001 Mummies Revealed – TV Documentary, Producer Amy Wray
2001 Africa Undercover – TV Documentary, Producer Michael Simkin
2001 SuperCroc – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
2001 Oklahoma Twister – TV Documentary, Producer Leslie Schwerin
2001 Inside the Vatican – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2001 United Snakes of America – TV Documentary, Producer Leslie Schwerin
2001 Man-Eaters of India – TV Documentary, Producer Bruce Norfleet
2001 Man-Eaters of Madagascar – TV Documentary, Associate Producer Andrea Nix
2001 Dinosaur Fever – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2001 Mayday!: Lost at Sea – TV Documentary, Producer Michael Rosenfeld
2001 Reptile Wild – TV Documentary
Cave Crocs – Producer Kevin Krug
Croc Fest – Producer Simon Boyce
Hither and Slither – Associate Producer Hilary Sparrow
Jamaican Rumble – Producer Eric Cochran
Killer Croc of Mondonquillo – Producer Simon Boyd
Morelet’s Last Refuge – Producer John Catto
Nuisance Gator – Producer Simon Boyce
Python Quest – Producer Rakhi Varma
Sacrifice of the Shire – Producer David Hamlin
Snake People – Producer Simon Boyce
Trouble in Cancun – Producer Michael Welsh
French Guiana – Producer David Hamlin
High and Dry – Producer David Hamlin
Reluctant Warrior – Associate Producer Hilary Sparrow
2001 South American Treasures – TV Documentary, Producer Lori Butterfield
2001 Inside Base Camp – TV Documentary
Johan Reinhard – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Joel Sartore – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Jane Goodall – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
2001 Raising the Hunley – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2001 The Quest for Noah’s Flood – TV Documentary, Producer Foster Wiley
2001 Angel Falls – TV Documentary, Producer. Lori Butterfield
2001 Arctic Aviators – TV Documentary, Producer. Christopher Kendall
2001 Lava Lake – TV Documentary, Producer Christopher Kendall
2000 Return of the Wolf – TV Documentary, Producer Bob Landis
2000 Hunt for Jaguar – TV Documentary, Supervising Producer Katherine Pasternak
2000 Tales from Belize: Paradise on the Edge – TV Documentary, Producer Richard Foster
2000 Africa’s Deadly Dozen – TV Documentary, Producer Bruce Norfleet
2000 Quicksand! – TV Documentary, Producer Amy Bucher
1999 Building Pyramids – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1999 Kings & Pirates – TV Documentary, Producer Brain Armstrong
1999 Expedition Journal – TV Documentary
Above the Clouds – Producer Lori Butterfield
Map Maker – Producer Kevin Krug
Animals Like Us – Producer Leslie Schwerin
Animals by Design – Producer Richard Stansfield
Bear Necessities – Producer Mark Adderley
Beauty of the Beasts – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Deep Focus – Producer Lisa Truitt
Dino Babies – Producer Richard Stansfield
Dinosaur Killers – Producer Richard Stansfield
Dog’s Life – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Eye of the Storm – Producer John Bredar
Face of the Pharaohs – Producer Richard Stansfield
Freefall – Producer Lori Butterfield
Fire from Above – Producer Kevin Krug
From the Horse’s Mouth – Producer Lori Butterfield
Hunter and Hunted – Producer Peter Schnall
Hunting the Deep Shark – Producer David Hamlin
Imperfect Harmony – Producer Simon Boyce
In the Cold light of Day – Producer Erin Harvey
Into the Blue – Producer Richard Stansfield
Kiss the Spider – Producer John Bredar
Last Rites – Producer Richard Stansfield
Leading the Way – Producer Mark Adderley
Lost Mummies – Producer Richard Stansfield
Mating Game – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Life Through a Lens – Producer Chris Holt
On the Edge – Producer David Hamlin
Pictures from the Edge – Producer Lisa Truitt
Predators in Peril – Producer Erin Harvey
Rising Dino – Producer Richard Stansfield
Reptile Rescue – Producer Michael Rosenfeld
Running the Distance – Producer Francis Delaney
Shark Alley – Producer John Francis
Stealing Beauty – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Survivors – Producer Mark Adderley
Swallowed by the Sands – Producer Brain Armstrong
Swamp Surgeons – Producer David Hamlin
Tales from Tibet – Producer Bryan Harvey
They’re Good, They’re Bad and They’re Ugly – Producer John Bredar
Tiger Tiger – Producer Erin Harvey
Unusual Kind of Medicine – Producer Leslie Schwerin
Urban Invaders – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Urban Plaques – Producer Mark Adderley
Water Wars – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Waters of the Wild – Producer Simon Boyce
Wedded to the Wild – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
When the Earth Moves – Producer David Hamlin
Wild Vision – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
1999 Africa’s Dinosaur Giants – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1999 Cheetah Story – TV Documentary, Producer Alan Miller
1999 Scorpions and Lizards – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
1999 Frozen Fisherman – TV Documentary, Exec Producer Michael Rosenfeld
1999 Photographers – TV Documentary, Producer Bryan Harnvey
1999 Forbidden Rites – TV Documentary, Producer Jennifer Apostol
1999 Hunt of the Golden Jackel – TV Documentary, Producer Matthew Aeberhard
1999 Africa’s Flying Hooves – TV Documentary, Producer Claire Featherstone
1999 Island of the Vampire Birds – TV Documentary, Producer Elizabeth Parer-Cook
1998 Land of the Anaconda – TV Documentary, Producer Richard Foster
1998 Landslide! – TV Documentary, Producer Kevin Bachar
1997 Violent Planet – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1997 King Cobra – TV Documentary, Exec Producer John Bowman
1997 Stolen Treasures – TV Documentary, Producer Claire Vande Polder
1997 Arctic Journeys – TV Documentary, Producer Lori Butterfeld
1997 Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs – TV Documentary, Producer Amy Wray
1997 Deadly Encounters, National Geographic Explorer – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1997 Death Rituals – TV Documentary, Producer Michael Rosenfeld
1996 The White House – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1996 Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria – TV Documentary, Producer Kevin Krug