Cameraman Credits

Commercial Photography Credits, 1996-Present

Product Images, OnStar Website 2010
Product Images, GM Defense 2010
Aerospace Images, Lockheed Martin 2009
Military Image, Selex Communications Catalog 2008
Field Images, Hatch Gloves Catalog 2007
US Navy Seals, Specwar/US Navy 2007
Topless Girls on the Beach, ID Magazine 2007
Images, Honda Jets Catalog 2007
Navy Shipbuilding, Northrop Grumman 2007
Product Images, BAE Systems Military Catalog 2007
Various Product Images, Northrop Grumman Website 2007
LLDR Field Images, Northrop Grumman Military Catalog 2007
Military Images, Zodiac Boats Catalog 2006
Military Images EOTech Catalog 2006
CQB Images, SureFire Catalog 2006
Product Images, Alliant Techsystems 2006
Military Images, General Dynamics Catalog 2006
Military Images, Safariland Catalog 2006
Product Images, Northrop Grumman Website 2006
AWC Suppressors Catalog 2006
AWC Suppressors Catalog 2005
Product Images, Northrop Grumman Website 2005
Military and Police Images, Hatch Glove Catalog 2005
US Navy Seals, Specwar/US Navy 2004
Aerospace Images, Lockheed Martin 2004
Military Images, General Dynamics Catalog 2004
Outdoor Product Images, LL Bean 2004
Military and Police Images, Hatch Glove Catalog 2004
Military and Police Images AWC Suppressors Catalog 2004
Catalog Images, Petzl Catalog 2001
Wetsuit Girls, Henderson Wetsuit Catalog, Summer 2001
Anton Bauer Catalog, 2001
Spring Skiing Images, Oakley Catalog 2001
Ice Climbing Images, The North Face Catalog, Fall 1999
Dean Kamen, NY Times, 1999
Coast Guard Images, Sterns Industrial Catalog 1999
Military and Wildlife Images, Night Owl Optics Catalog 1999
Product Images, Sony CineAlta Catalog, 1999
Backpacking Image, Patagonia Catalog, Spring 1999
Pelican Case Catalog Cover, 1999
Panavision Catalog, 1999
Wetsuit Fun, Henderson Wetsuit Catalog, Spring 1998
Catalog Images Litespeed Bikes, 1998
Coast Guard Images, Sterns Industrial Catalog 1998
Ice Climber, Patagonia Catalog Cover, Fall 1998
Industrial Images, Mustang Survival Catalog 1998
Catalog Images Merlin Bikes, 1997
Dana Krall Concert Images, JazzTimes Magazine, 1997
Expedition Images, Pelican Case Catalog 1997
Coast Guard Images, Sterns Industrial Catalog 1997

Freelance Cameraman/Cinematographer, 1999-Present

National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian, Oxygen Network, WETA/PBS, Sony Broadcast CineAlta, Travel Channel
National Endowment for the Arts, The US Capital, US Forest Service, Merlin Bikes, The North Face, United States Navy, ESPN,
NASA, Sony Entertainment, Outdoor Channel, The Military Channel, History Channel.

2004 Today Show – NGC US, Host Segments, Cameraman
2004 Victoria Bruce, Volcanologist – NGC US Host Segments, Cameraman
2003 ’100 Years of National Geographic’ – NGC Worldwide, Dir. of Photography
2003 NG Exterior 24-hour Film time-lapse for NGC Worldwide, Cameraman
2002 ‘Georgetown Underground’ – PBS, Dir. of Photography
2002 ‘Dean Kamen’ – NGT Explorer, Prod. Eitan Weinreich – Cameraman
2001 ‘Africa Extreme’ – NGT Worldwide, Prod. David Hamlin – Cameraman
2001 ‘Megatransect/Africa Wild The Making of’ – NGT, Prod. Robin Freeman – Cameraman
2001 ‘Megatransect ‘Wall Walk” Michael “Nick” Nichols Photography’ – NGT, Dir. of Photography
2001 ‘Snowfall Appalachian Mountains’ Film time-lapse – NGS, Cameraman
2001 ‘Behind the Scenes of National Geographic’ – Dateline NBC, Cameraman
2001 ‘Leonids Meeteor Shower’ Film time-lapse – WGBH/PBS, Cameraman
2001 ‘United Snakes of America’ – NGT, Prod. Leslie Schwerin – Photographer
2000 ‘Building of NGC Studio’ Film time-lapse – NGS, Cameraman
2000 ‘Explorers in Residence Hall of Fame’ – NGC Worldwide, Dir. of Photography
2000 ‘Explorers in Residence Hall of Fame’ Interviews (Bob Ballard, Jane Goddall, Silva Earl,
Johann Reinheart, Paul Serino, and Peter Ambrose) – NGC Worldwide, Dir. of Photography
2000 ‘NFAA Presidential Scholar Awards, Live from the Kennedy Center’ – PBS, Dir. of Photography
2000 Washington Monument Film time-lapse – NG Channels, Cameraman
2000 ‘Reconstructing T-Rex’ Film time-lapse – NGT Explorer, Cameraman
2000 ‘Pirates of the Whydah’ – NGT Explorer, Cameraman (Uncredited)
2000 ‘Dragonflies’ High-speed macro-photography – NGT Explorer, Cameraman
2000 ‘Opening Darwin’s Time Capsule’ – NGT, Dir. of Photography
1999 ‘Staffers’ TV Documentary, Producers Horace Schansab & Eric Nelson, Cameraman
1999 ‘Jackie O…The Socialite’ – The History Channel, Prod. Nancy Rosenthal, Camerman
1999 ‘Venice Burning’ – NGT Explorer, Prod. Erin Harvey, Cameraman (Uncredited)
1998 ‘Johnny Rook’ – NGT Explorer, Cameraman (Uncredited)
1998 ‘Rats’ Macro and high-speed photography – NGT Explorer, Cameraman
1998 ‘Wheels on Fire’ – NGT Explorer, Cameraman
1996 ‘Restoration & Cleaning the US Capital Dome’ Film time lapse – Smithsonian, Cameraman

Independent Films

2002 ‘Roll the Dice’ – Dir. of Photography
2001 ‘Whispers from the Wind’ – Dir. of Photography
2000 ‘Covert Affairs’ – Dir. of Photography
1999 ‘High Stakes’ – Dir. of Photography
1997 ‘Maybe’ – Camera Operator
1996 ‘The Switch’ – Camera Operator
1995 ‘Alone in the Woods’ – Camera Operator
1994 ‘The Green Room’ – Camera Operator